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About Us

Working for Bradford

shutterstock_108617669 (Medium)Northern Lights works closely with strategic partners in Bradford including  Feversham College and Feversham Educational Trust; Titus Salt School, Saltaire; Teaching School Alliances - Bradford Birth to 19, Exceed, STAR institute; and  Bradford Trusts -  Dixons, BDAT, Beckfoot; and  the Bradford Research School.   

Northern Lights leads the Bradford For Teaching  campaign for the Council/Opportunity Area.  We have a long track record of partnership working in Bradford.  We also offer bespoke consultancy and school improvement. 

NQT programme 
RQT programme 

Aspiring to Middle Leadership programme

Bespoke Consultancy and School Improvement

Science Learning Partnership 
Equality and Diversity
Bradford for Teaching events

Northern Star Academies Trust

Northern lights school centred initial teacher training