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STEM Excellence

Primary and Early Years Programme


Raising Attainment in Primary Science

07 November 2019 - RB103 - Identify teaching and learning strategies that will move good lessons to outstanding lessons by focusing on the learning happening in the classroom.

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Engaging Science in Key Stage 1

04 December 2019 - RB109 C01 - Try out ideas for practical science that can be used with young children to develop a range of scientific skills and explore opportunities to promote children’s social skills.

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Assessment and Progression in Primary Science

6 December 2019 - RB102 - Evidence shows that effective assessment for learning leads to raised attainment. Identify how you can integrate and embed assessment practices into your science teaching.

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Primary Science Network Meeting

(TBC) - RB099 - Collaborate with colleagues and share best practice. Explore science activities and tools for engaging young learners.

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Working Scientifically - Pupil Led Investigations

15 January 2020 - RB108 - You will explore a range of techniques to draw out pupil ideas and develop strategies to inspire and incorporate these ideas into your science lessons.

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Developing the Role of the Science Subject Leader

22 January 2020 - RB101 - Explore a range of strategies to audit and lead science in your school, understand your role more fully and be able to identify and promote effective primary science.

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Supermarket Science

05 February 2020 - RB125 - This practical CPD will provide primary school teachers with a bank of easy to use ideas that you can take away with you to enable your pupils to conduct experiments and have fun.

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Computing and Data Logging to Support Primary Science

13 February 2020 - RB115 - Gain hands-on practical experience using digital technologies in science and be able to decide on the best use of the technology and integrate them into your science lessons.

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Promoting Thinking and Talking in Primary Science

06 March 2020 - RB116 - Consider the key elements of thinking, talking and communicating in science and develop these skills to create an effective learning environment in your classroom.

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