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Leadership Equality & Diversity

Next Funding Round Opens September 2019

  • Schools (and groups of schools) can apply now for grants of up to £10,000 from the Leadership Equality and Diversity Fund, provided by the DfE. (More may be available for larger scale projects).

  • The fund supports school-led projects which aim to increase diversity in school leadership. Projects can address any of the following protected characterstics: age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race and/or sex.

  • Northern Lights TSA is co-ordinating the funding of projects in two RSC regions: the North of England and also East Midlands & the Humber. The next funding round will open in September 2019.

  • Schools can design their own programmes to meet their own local needs, for example, through targeted coaching, mentoring and/or development sessions for those currently under represented in leadership roles.

Why does the fund exist?

Although the teacher workforce as a whole is gradually becoming more diverse, progress towards greater diversity at leadership levels remains especially slow. Despite their dominance of the school workforce overall, for example women are less likely to become headteachers than their male counterparts, especially in the secondary phase. BME teachers, too, are under represented at all levels of school leadership.

The Equality and Diversity Fund exists to close these gaps, making the best use of all available leadership talent in the workforce.

How does it work?

Schools (or groups of schools) bid to the fund to support a local project which aims to increase diversity in school leadership.

We are looking to fund around twelve projects per region in 2018/19 and 17 in 2019/20.  (Projects can bid for two years of funding).  Projects are expected to involve ten or more participants.

Northern Lights will offer support to successful bidders to help them develop their projects. 

What kind of projects will be considered?

Shape your project to meet the needs of your local context.  However, we are especially keen to support projects which involve coaching/mentoring and/or which would help build leadership networks.

Your project might be designed to  benefit participants in a variety of ways, such as improving confidence, providing support with the leadership recruitment process, encouraging self-reflection, improving strategic thinking and/or understanding the nature of senior leadership.

How do you apply?

The next funding round opens in September 2019. Please check back for application details and forms.

If you'd like help or advice about your application, click here to email our project manager.

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