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Lighting the way

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School to School support

School to School Support 

Schools and individuals that have the skills, capacity and willingness to work outside their own school deliver bespoke or generic taught programmes as well as coaching and peer-to-peer support. NLTSA has been very successful in gaining funding through DfE School to School Support Bids to date and has worked with over 10 schools to support colleagues in improving the achievement of their students

They can address:

  • weaknesses identified by Ofsted (or other agencies) by providing additional leadership capacity to improve the quality of teaching and learning in specific subjects, year groups or with individual teachers.
  •  assisting a school in developing and implementing policies designed to bring about school improvement
  • bringing about improvements in data analysis undertaken by schools
  • raising attainment and standards by closing the gap for identified vulnerable and underachieving groups
  • providing senior leaders to work with schools in challenging circumstances

School to School Support (Medium)

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