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Our SLEs

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)

Having identified priorities within NLTSA, the teaching schools are responsible for the recruitment, designation, brokering, deployment and quality assurance of SLEs appropriate to those needs.

NLTSA SLEs have the capacity, skills and commitment to support individuals or teams in other schools. They understand what outstanding leadership practice in their area of specialism looks like and are skilled in helping leaders achieve it in their own context. Using coaching and facilitation skills, SLEs will build leadership capacity in other schools to ensure improved outcomes for children and young people.

As a Lead School for SLEs, our team of over 30 outstanding practitioners have a wide variety of expertise from the core subjects through the wider curriculum to leadership of CPD, and Teaching and Learning.

SLE Directory

Name Specialism
Phillip Allen Behaviour and Discipline, Attendance
Sara Anderson Maths, Curriculum Leadership, Design and Technology
Susan Armstrong SEND, Leadership of Curriculum and Academies
Riffat Aslam Science
Eleanor Belfield  Science
Claire Black  Science
Melanie Booth English
Jason Breen Maths
Victoria Brides ICT, CPD
Danielle Burns MFL, CPD
Catherine Butler Leadership of mentoring NQT’ and RQT’s, Leadership of CPD, Leadership of curriculum and learning
Andy Calvert Behaviour and discipline
Sian Campbell-Kealy SEND
Lisa Capstick Leadership of CPD, English
Leo Carne Maths, Leadership of Curriculum
Charlotte Clarke Leadership and Management, CPD, Science, PE
Gemma Claughton English, Leadership of CPD and Closing the Gap
Andy Colman English, initial teacher training and newly qualified teacher development
Scott Daykin Maths, Science
Suzanne Doyle Mathematics
Anita Dudgeon English
Amanda Dutton-Taylor Closing the Gap, SEN, Behaviour and Discipline
Jacqueline Fern English, Closing the Gap, SEN
Gill Fisher English and Media
Catherine Fowler PSHE, Behaviour and Discipline
Vicky Fox  English, Leading Curriculum & CPD
Sarah Graham Maths
Lucy Greenwood Leadership of CPD and Curriculum, Music and ITT & NQT
Jamie Gutch Closing the Gap, MFL
Cindy Haymes Data, Attendance, Assessment
Carolyn Hazell Primary Curriculum, - Maths, English, PE
Helene Herrington Early Years
Hannah Hurd Early Years, Phonics
Adam Jackson Geography, ITT & NQT and Assessment
Alison Kay Academies, School Business Management and Financial Management
Sean Kenny Early Years, Phonics
Naveeda Khan English
Saida Khan RE, Leadership of CPD, Closing the Gap
Sadie Lazzari-Williams Leadership and Management, Pupil Achievement, Quality of Teaching, Behaviour, Safeguarding Lead
Victoria Limbert English
Jayne Lodge SEND
Rebecca Lyman Curriculum Leadership, English, ITT & NQT
Victoria Marshall Design and Technology
Claire McDonald Early Years, English, Phonics
Karen Naylor  ICT
Alison Nichols MFL
Rachel Parsons SEN
Daniel Peacock Assessment, Attendance
Carly Purnell Leadership of Curriculum, Support for most able pupils, Assessment
Fiona Rhodes Geography, Curriculum Leadership (Humanities), CPD
Carolyn Roberts SEND - Particularly Autism
Edward Roe Leadership of Curriculum; EAL, Primary & Secondary
Joanne Roscoe Science, ITT & NQT
Rizwana Saleem Maths, Behaviour and Discipline
Jodie Smith Geography, Leadership of CPD
Jacqueline Turner SEND
Kate Walter Leadership, CPD, Curriculum
Jessica Watson Closing the Gap, Drama
Ruth Thackray Science, Raising Attainment/Achievement
Tess Wilkins Languages
Sue Wilkinson SEND
Rickie Wilson Leadership of Curriculum/ Data Systems
Tom Wolstenholme English, Leadership of CPD, ITT and NQT development
Charlotte Woolley English
Naomi Wright Primary; Leadership of Curriculum, English


3 trainees (Small)


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