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Teacher Subject Specialism Training - Physics

Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST): Physics

Delivered by schools, and approved and funded by the Department for Education, TSST programmes are free to participants and ours takes place throughout the course of the year.

Physics TSST Courses aim to improve the physics subject knowledge of:

  • Established teachers who are new to teaching physics
  • NQTs that do not have a specialism in Physics
  • Teachers returning to teaching physics

They are designed to enable non-specialists either to take on physics teaching as an additional specialism or to retrain as a physics specialist teacher. In addition, they can support teachers who wish to return to the profession after a period away from the classroom.

Northern Lights TSA has delivered this programme for the last three years. This course has been community approved by the Institute of Physics and exceeds the minimum specification outlined by the DfE. We have worked with our partners at Sheffield Hallam University to design this engaging course. In addition, with over ten years experience as part of the Science Learning Partnership we use the Impact Toolkit throughout the course to ensure maximum benefit for you, your pupils and your school. We will also support you in completing the Nationally Accredited STEM educators scheme through this course.

Please download details of the 2018/19 TSST Physics course using the links on the right.

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